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Our Services

Our core objective to tailor our services to the client’s needs in accordance with compliance of regulatory and market procedures.

Our Business model is designed in such a way that it always supports value addition of investor’s capital. The team at FES is very energetic and committed to deliver high levels of services to our clients.

Equity Brokerage 
•Portfolio Management 
•Financial Analysis
•Custodian and allied services of shares 
•Underwriting of Public Issues

Investment Options

Information about different Investment Options is quite necessary for any investor as there are various possible avenues of investment such as Real Estate Investment, Fixed Income, Treasury, Term Deposit, Receipts and Government Securities Investment can bring desirable results if it is made in an appropriate and proper manner.  The important thing is that each ad every investment is not suitable for each and every individual and institution. Consultancy Service for Investment Options is about the availability of different choices to an investor. Personal circumstances of the investors, the amount of investment and probability of risk and return are pivotal factors in the choice of an investment option.

Portfolio Analysis

The success of an investment decision depends a lot on the validity ad quality of the portfolio. There arises the need for Portfolio Analysis, if an investment decision has incurred loss or unable to deliver after a significant period of time. Consultancy Service for Portfolio Analysis is provided so that it is possible for the investors, whether individual or corporate, to have a realistic assessment about the quality of portfolio held by it. The items and scrips included in the portfolio are analyzed on the basis financial and technical analysis to estimate the realistic present and future price.

Share Trading

Risk and return go side by side in any business as there is a direct relationship between risk and rate of return. Share trading is considered as risky business as probability of risk is quite high in it. At the same time, share trading is full of opportunities too, given that appropriate and prudent investment decisions are take by the investors. Consultancy Service about share trading is provided to ensure that logical, informed and rational decisions are made by the investors.